ВИДЕО: Анна Михайловская в прямом эфире рассказала о съемках для мужского журнала
The actress has assured that the photo shoot turned out beautiful and chaste.

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Anna Mikhailovskaya in
the live show was admitted to Catherine Velichenko, what not against to pose for a
men’s magazine on the condition that everything will be as when she first
posed for a photo shoot in the style of “Nude”.

Anna Mikhailovskaya live confirmed that it had parted ways with husband

“I was shooting for
magazine “Maxim” — says the actress. — Before the wedding. However,
if proposed, would be removed and when she was married to Timothy. I think
you need to respect the wishes of each other. I would husband, of course, consulted, but not
think he would mind. Initially I was too shy to pose for men’s
log. The first time such a proposal was received, refused
acting, although I was offered the cover. But the girl-photographer Julia from “Maxim”
I was persuaded and reassured. Said, “Anna, everything will be chaste and very
beautiful.” I trusted her and was not mistaken. The photo shoot turned out exactly like that
what is planned”.

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Also, the actress spoke about her experience of the intimate scenes
character in the movie. Naked in bed with your partner Mikhaylovskaya starred in
the film “Mannequin” directed by Elena Nikolaeva. “It’s great that there are
the Directors that you are no longer afraid of such scenes,” says
the star of “Youth”.