Сын Ирины Безруковой вдохновил ее на помощь людям The actress lost their only child several years ago. Andrei Livanov died in the apartment. For a long time figured out what exactly caused his death. After his death, Irina has decided to financially help people in distress.

Well-known artist and theater actor Irina Bezrukova grieved the death of her only son Andrei Livanov. The young man died on March 14, 2015. For the actress it will be forever 25-year-old. It was he who urged the star to try again to be happy because her family life is not formed. Besides, as said Irina, since she decided to help other people in distress.

“Today is a difficult day for me… 3 years now that my son is gone to another world — invisible and yet unknown to us… If you want to honor his memory, do Any good deed, even a simple, but effective, and dedicate it to him… I feel it’s the best of what America would be like… Friends, to me, many apply for financial assistance, but, alas, it is impossible to help everyone… we Hope for your understanding… My advice to you, it is better to write immediately to the relevant funds, or charity… I’m in some funds, transfer money, are less likely to help directly, as the amount needed is serious, as a rule… my son, who today are no longer with us for three years, was the principle… of his earnings to give 10% to help people… I also follow this principle…” – shared Irina in the microblog.

Recently Bezrukov helped in raising funds for the Russian girl Anastasia. The actress and her friend and her husband found the opportunity to support her rehabilitation. “Anastasia, necessarily believe that everything goes in the best way possible! This help you, with your permission, I dedicate today to my wonderful son, who is 25, was wiser, purer and better than I do. Health, patience, and effort!” – wrote the star.

We will remind, Andrey was born from the first marriage of a star. The main reason for the death of a young person is an accident. He walked in the apartment to the bathroom, slipped and fell. Death was instantaneous.

“When something happens, you’re faced with this, this can not be finished. But have very good friends that I from hand to hand passed, nothing happened. My son believed that there is no death, there are some parallel stories… So I believe a spiritual component, it does not disappear. The body is just a biological suit” – said the star in one of the shows, Recalling that period of life.