ВИДЕО: Алексей Воробьев удивил пикантными кадрами из постели с известной певицей
The singer staged a provocation with the Topless actress.

Anna Semenovich started recently shooting a new video for the song “I Want to be with you.” The video for the song promises to make a lot of noise, especially because of the work on it came from… a colleague artist — Alexey Vorobyov. The singer, speaking this time in the role of Director will, of course, was not able to do without having to undress at the site of the mayor. The social network appeared “hot” shots taken during the filming of the clip.

Alexei Vorobyov and Anna Semenovich

Photo: @alexsparrow Instagram Alexey Vorobyov

“The operator is the man I listen to without question! And the operator listens only to the Director!” commented on joint work with Vorobyov singer.

Fans are unable to ignore the fact that Anna is markedly postroila. Some time ago S. harshly criticized because she made a remarkable recovery. The offended artist had to justify to the fans: she had a good reason to become somewhat more elaborate. Anna said that he had had an operation on her stomach, which she had to take time off from training in the gym.