ВИДЕО: Александр Панайотов пытается вернуть душевное равновесие
The singer comes after a serious test.

The last few months have been for Alexander Panayotov pretty exhaustive. The singer needed to spend a lot of effort to participate in the show “the Voice” is a spectacular return to the big stage. That’s why in the days Panayotov flew to Thailand, where he enjoys the peace and solitude. He avoids noisy parties and big crowds of tourists.

Alexander Panayotov

Photo: @Instagram Alexander panaiotov Panayotov

By the way, all the efforts of the artist was not in vain. As it became known, the singer recently signed a contract with Grigory Leps, who carefully took Alexander “under his wing”. Now, fans are confident, career Panayotov rapidly goes up.

Incidentally, Alexander has admitted recently that it is extremely hard going through the death of a beloved artist — George Michael. His sudden death knocked the Russian artist from the track. The fact is that, as it turned out, Alexander his entire adult life dreaming of someday performing in George on the same stage. Very soon Alexander will give a solo concert in the capital, one of the performances which will, according to Panayotov, dedicated to the deceased British actor.