Детям Марии Кожениковой поставили неутешительный диагноз
The actress is worried about the health of sons.

Maria Kozhevnikova and her husband and children

Photo: @mkozhevnikova (Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova)

Recently Maria Kozhevnikova seriously ill children — Ivan and Maxim. The actress first suspected that the boys were caught walking through the capital a dangerous flu which causes complications.

“Friends, these few days was very difficult. In Russia raging flu, and H3N2, despite the fact that I canceled almost all events, we still picked up on it. Temperature of 40 children were kept a long and antipyretics, especially paracetamol, we just didn’t help. Of course, with the flu and I fell down, no mask, no other remedies have not helped…” — shared his experiences Kozhevnikova.

Mary told about how came to her home incompetent doctor who probably by mistake put after inspection Ivan and Maxim goiter. This diagnosis has angered Kozhevnikov. “I, being a sane person and with experience, began to argue that the dysbiosis may not give cough, running nose, temperature 40, and even be passed as the first ill Maximushka…” she said. The actress soon found another specialist who has appointed the necessary analyzes for the boys. Lab results confirmed the suspicion of Masha. The boys picked up the right treatment and now they are much better. By the way, Kozhevnikova separately expressed his gratitude to his friend Glyuk оZе, which helped her find the right drug.

Incidentally, not long ago, Maria and all the children returned from Thailand, where they spent their vacations. The actress was not very happy. Kozhevnikova was a bit unlucky with the weather and with the tides, much papertissue local beaches.