Victoria Tolstoganova hid on the edge of the world

Виктория Толстоганова спряталась на краю света
Popular actress flew to distant Ecuador.

Victoria Tolstoganova


Vic, a long time love travels in South America, spends his holidays in far-off Ecuador. “I love everything connected with Latin America, this mysterious and not fully clear to me culture. I know it from the movies, books, trips, flew on tour to Colombia and Venezuela, says 45-year-old Tolstoganova. — I’m drawn to this colourful, animal temperament, the whole way of life of local residents. I dream of owning a house on the coast — maybe it is here”.

In the same interview, Victoria admitted that
so restless, as now, she was already in conscious age. And
when she was “ordinary, normal, happy child”. “Remember, though,
in first grade she ran for the boys, — says the actress. — Already then
every week, fell in love with the new. In terms of games was omnivorous — loved by all. Mom
says I am four years old began to walk to the library, which was on
the first floor of our house. Then played library at home: issued
season tickets, books — some still standing my stamp with parrot”.