Виктория Крутая дразнит откровенными снимками The daughter of the famous composer Igor Krutoy showed slender legs. Apparently, Victoria Cool is very proud of her toned body, and therefore decided to brag to subscribers in the microblog. The followers had stopped the young mother compliments.

      Виктория Крутая дразнит откровенными снимками

      The daughter of the famous composer Igor Krutoy Victoria is not shy to show my body to a large number of people. It is obvious that she is proud of her slimness – because years ago a young woman first became a mother and in record time, returned to their former forms. Now Victoria continues to amaze its users in the microblogging slender legs and toned figure. Cool dressed in a bikini top and wore a white beach robe with lace inserts. Apparently, the daughter of the famous musician was a playful mood – she coyly opened the hem and put forward one leg.

      Subscribers were delighted from such Steep and literally overwhelmed her with compliments. They admired the toned figure of a young mom. “Beautiful Victoria”, “Beauty”, “You are beautiful,” wrote a follower.

      Виктория Крутая дразнит откровенными снимками

      At the end of November last year, she gave her husband, restaurateur David Berkowitz, the charming daughter of Demi rose. Almost immediately after birth she began to struggle with excess weight. The results were not long in coming. Victoria took a little more than a week to easily put on jeans that she wore before pregnancy. A couple months later, as a young mother the doctors allowed physical exercise, Cool became to pay more attention to their figure, in order to obtain the desired shape.

      Victoria Cool surprised by the incredible thinness

      Fans say that Victoria knows moderation in the pursuit of a perfect figure. She’s not torturing yourself with strict diets and does not aspire to excessive thinness. Cool proves to the fans that you can be attractive, while maintaining a feminine shape. Many followers take an example from the composer’s daughter trying to find out the secret of her weight loss.

      Виктория Крутая дразнит откровенными снимками

      Many followers are watching with interest the life of young mother. In her microblog photographs of birthday parties, social events, but a special place in her film is the daughter of Demi rose. Fans affectionately look at each frame adorable baby, and Victoria is pleased to share the news of her life. If within the first year after the birth of Demi rose Cool tried to do so, to the face girls do not hit the shot, and now she allows the followers to consider some of the features of the child. Victoria Krutoy acquainted the fans with his daughter