Суррогатная мама из Волгограда полтора года боролась с заказчиком за свои права The woman had to leave the child himself. For a long time Nina Dmitrushkova tried to restore justice. In late November, she sued the men to abandon the baby, two and a half million rubles.

    Суррогатная мама из Волгограда полтора года боролась с заказчиком за свои права

    Seven years ago, in the family of a Moscow lawyer Oleg Kostyukova there was a misfortune – died of cancer only son. But doctors managed to save his biomaterial. Kostyukov wife and I dreamed about the heirs – the surrogate mother gave birth to a granddaughter, and they wanted a grandchild and in 2014 once again turned to the IVF center. One of the candidates was Nina Dmitrushkova from Volgograd.

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    Nina with her husband Vladimir brought up four healthy children: Vlad, Valerie, Alexis and Tanya. And by the time she twice became the surrogate mother.

    “We had problems with housing, says 32-year-old Nina. – After the wedding we moved into a house with my parents and sister. When dad died, the relationship with family has deteriorated. Had to move, at first lived in a hostel, six of us in one room. My husband is a driver, to buy or to rent an apartment was not for that. Looking for a way out… somehow on TV I saw a program about surrogacy. We discussed it with Vova and decided to give a childless family of the child is good. On the Internet I found an IVF clinic and were sent a questionnaire. In 2011 Nina was a surrogate for a couple from Moscow. After replanting caught two embryos, and the parents wanted to keep both, for it increased the fee to a million rubles.”

    In 2013 Dmitrushkova gave birth to a boy. For him it had been paid 800 thousand roubles. The money the couple purchased a 2-room apartment in the emergency building.

    “It’s tough mentally and physically: after IVF, I had problems with the hormones, I started to gain weight, – says Nina. – To suppress feelings is difficult. Giving birth the second time the boy cried. And then kissed the baby and let go. Under the terms of the contract we can not continue to communicate with the children.”

    When Nina called and offered to become a mother for the third time, she agreed. Meeting with customer and supervisor from the Agency was appointed in the cafe.

    “Already on the site I found out that Oleg Kostyuk has hired two more women, says Dmitrushkova. – By law, the surrogate mother cannot be the biological mother for a child, so I did donate eggs for exchange between the three of us. On the day of embryo replanting we had to sign a contract, but Kostyukov sick. Offered to do it later when you will hear the heart of a child. I agreed because I trusted curator Snezhana, we worked together. But as time went on, the Treaty was not something Kostyukov was busy, then sick. The embryo is the second mother Catherine did not survive, the third seems to be twins, but I about her fate nothing is known.”

    Суррогатная мама из Волгограда полтора года боролась с заказчиком за свои права

    Nina was carrying a child, but started to have a delay in payment of money for drugs and compensations in the amount of 20 thousand rubles a month. Snezhana has stopped communicating. From experiences at Nina started bleeding, her six weeks put in the hospital.

    “The doctors said that it is necessary to terminate the pregnancy, but I saved the child’s life – continues Dmitrushkova. – Found the phone Kostyukova in the social network called, and he calmed down, promised to investigate. After the money began to come in time. I was alarmed by one thing – the customer is constantly demanding to know the sex of the child. The absence of this information it was unnerving. But, fortunately, we signed the contract”.


    When Nina said Oleg, that’s a girl, financial assistance stopped. And at the 30th week of pregnancy got the SMS – Kostyukov abandoned the child.

    “This message was sent by the curator, says Nina. – It Snezhana called me a fraud. According to her, medpokazaniyam had to have an abortion, and I decided to give birth without the knowledge of the customer. What feelings I experienced at that moment? Fear, despair… I was not ready for a fifth child. But my husband grew up in a large family and immediately said baby can’t let go”.

    Extra wife bought a stroller, crib. Their children have nothing left, because the younger Tatyana was already eight years old. Baby was born 5 July 2015, she was given the name eve. The birth certificate in the column “parents” contains Nina and Vladimir. A few months later Dmitrushkova filed a lawsuit on the customer and the clinic with which signed the contract. She wanted to collect child support, money for services and the penalty.

    “Native grandparents eve did not see, – says Nina. – First Kostyukov convinced that did not know about the birth of a granddaughter, allegedly at the Agency told him that she died during childbirth. Although I wrote him a text, send photos via e-mail. The first financial assistance I received 25 October 2016 – the map came 30 thousand rubles marked “the Girl grandfather and grandmother.”

    At the end of November Krasnoarmeyskiy district court of Volgograd ordered Kostyukova to pay a surrogate mother 2.5 million rubles. Lawyer Nina filed an appeal to recognize the relationship and force Oleg to pay child support.

    “Can’t imagine how we lived without eve, our “bead” and “sweet rolls,” says Nina. – Maternity eve was for me the most conscious, I look at her with different eyes and enjoying every minute of it. Dylan loves her, too, recently made a gift – Golden earrings”.

    Nina became friends with the biological mother eve. Catherine had seen the girl, but to take her plans. It is a difficult situation, and may in the future Dmitrushkova will be taking custody of her son, the elder brother of eve.

    “I’m ready to become a surrogate mother and the fourth time, – says Nina. Is the only way to improve the financial position of our family. Just going to be more demanding of the customer.”