Victoria romanet tolerate attacks antifanatov

Виктория Романец терпит нападки антифанатов
For the personal lives of ex-member of the main telestroke of Victoria romanet watch a large number of fans.

Виктория Романец терпит нападки антифанатов

Sometimes the girl hits a barrage of criticism from users of the Network. A recent post from Victoria about the complete people caused a strong reaction of the spiteful critics, who began to sign a petition for the expulsion romanet to his native Ukraine.

Виктория Романец терпит нападки антифанатов

“A citizen of Ukraine Victoria romanet is engaged in illegal business in Russia in his microblog in social networks, do not pay taxes to the Treasury, a parasite on the territory of our country and wants Russian children to die from cancer Russian people to go to Auschwitz, riding on the roads made at the expense of honest Russian citizens, regularly paying taxes, citizenship of the Russian has not. Please take action, but rather to deport to their homeland”, – said in the document.

Victoria considers that the petition is complete nonsense and is waiting for people who will bring it personally to her.

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