Victoria Lopyreva received an unexpected gift from a former lover

Виктория Лопырева получила неожиданный подарок от бывшего любовника
Fedor Smolov “generous” after the match Russia-Egypt.

Photo: Instagram

After the triumphant national team of Russia on football with the team of Egypt Ambassador of the world championship on football Victoria Lopyreva boasted of a gift that she was given our striker Fedor Smolov. This could be very nice, if not for the background of relations between the model and footballer.

For several years they have romantic involvements, but three years ago Lopyreva announced that they broke up. Why not place the wedding of athlete and model, is not known so far. Victoria herself has hinted that the player was not ready to start a family. Smolov was silent. Only recently he said in an interview that due to lopyrevoy he became famous, however, this did not benefit his career, on the contrary!

However, despite the mutual complaints of the people ex-lovers to “save face”. So Fedor “generous” and gave her the shirt of Victoria. Some fans of lopyrevoy regarded it as a good sign: that now wants to return the love model. Fans of Fedor conclusion was made exactly the same, but reacted to the situation negatively. “Is that why Fedor has not scored!” commented on them.

Your thoughts about this unexpected gift Lopyreva with the public is not shared. She only told about the fact and put a winking “smiley”. What was it — a smile or a hint, fans did not understand.

But all this, of course, is nothing compared to the fact that the national team of Russia on football for the first time in 32 years, went out in 1/8 finals. For this reason yesterday in all cities of the country there was an extraordinary exultation. Until dawn a crowd of fans, both Russian and guests from other countries, walked the streets, singing the national anthem of the Russian Federation and “Katyusha”, a song that, as it turned out, the whole world knows.

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