Виктория Дайнеко пережила потрясение из-за ребенка A little daughter singer almost got stuck in a locked car. The actress shared a story that made her seriously nervous, because a closed car was opened. Victoria Dayneko told that she had to endure and how she got out of a difficult situation.

      Victoria Dayneko rarely shared with fans stories from the life of her beloved daughter, the name of which she still hides from the General public. However, this time the graduate of “factory of stars” has decided to make an exception and told about the morning incident, which caused her to endure serious stress. Planned a trip with the baby to the grandparents was interrupted due to a failure in the car, and, surprisingly, the heiress of the artist, without even knowing it, saved herself, refusing to sleep inside the cabin.

      “Opened the car, started it, put the bag collected on the front seat, took the brush and went to brush snow from the car. The child usually waits for me inside the car, but today decided to stay on the street. Thank God, – there began the story of Victoria. -The car was locked from the inside, and despite the key was in my pocket, it was never meant to open under any circumstances. Car is running and locked tightly. In the car documents, house keys, phone. All”.

      To get out of a difficult situation has helped the singer neighbor, who undertook to follow her car while she ran home and back. Also Dayneko tried to contact the company in which bought the vehicle, but did not wait for help from them. In the end, the artist had to independently solve the problem. Speaking about possible variants of development of events, Victoria confesses that he is afraid to even imagine what could happen if her child was in a locked car.

      “I am armed with a syringe, alcohol and water with vinegar. However no matter how much alcohol we poured into the castle, he firmly stood in one place… hotline service support was not planning to answer me, no matter how much I called. I shudder to think what would have happened if the daughter was waiting for me in the car while I was cleaning and found it locked so…”