Victoria Daineko "shed light" on rumors of a second pregnancy The winner of the show “Star Factory” gave a new reason to talk about yourself.

Victoria Daineko "shed light" on rumors about second pregnancy Last year, Victoria Daineko began to appear in public with a new man. Soon, a ring was noticed on her ring finger, and the singer's outfits prompted thoughts about her possible pregnancy. alt=”Victoria Daineko” shed light” on rumors of a second pregnancy” />

Vika was reluctant to comment on the changes in her personal life, but now she has become a guest of the show “Evil Tongues”, where she could not avoid questions. Daineko had to demonstrate her flat stomach and prove that she was not expecting a baby.

Victoria Daineko "shed light" on rumors of a second pregnancy< p>“I've been pregnant all my life. I don't know how many times I've been called pregnant. There weren't even social networks, but they already wrote about me, they say, I'm in a position,” Victoria said.

And the ring on her finger turned out to be astrological, which helps her with something there.

Recall that Victoria already has a daughter. Only now her communication with her father is bad. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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