Anastasia Volochkova denied the rumors that she has HIV The theater star did not become silent when she heard such ” news”.

Anastasia Volochkova denied rumors that she has HIV Anastasia Volochkova often becomes the heroine of the news, where she is not presented in the best light. The ballerina rarely reacts to this. She was not even offended by Alena Zhigalova, who got her drunk during the interview, deciding that the journalist only wanted to celebrate her birthday.

Anastasia Volochkova denied rumors that she has HIV

But recently, an expert suggested that Volochkova has serious health problems. Namely HIV and cirrhosis of the liver. Here Nastya could not remain silent.

Anastasia Volochkova denied rumors that she has HIV

“I have resigned myself to the fact that the whole country lives in my palace virtually… In my glass, expensive, of high quality, all people also live. In my plate, too. True, there is nothing there, because I eat almost nothing, only lettuce leaves and boiled eggs, and hoof broth, the doctors told me … But listen, one fool went even further. He climbed, God forgive me, into my blood, I'm not kidding, “Volochkova was indignant.

She wanted to sue the expert, but it is difficult to do so, since he does not live in Russia. And she informed that she periodically checks her health, and everything is in order with her.

By the way, exactly a year ago Anastasia had an embarrassment, which revealed another interesting fact of her biography. It turned out that the ballerina does not fly in planes sober. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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