Виктория Боня лишилась мужа
Alex smerfit fueled rumors of a break with the Russian TV presenter.

Victoria Bonya and Alex smerfit

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

The rumors that Alex smerfit left from Victoria Bonnie with another woman appear with an enviable regularity. Recently fans of the TV presenter once again suspected that the couple broke up. The basis for such conclusions was the recent trip the husband of Bonnie on the island of Saint Barts. The fact that Alex is gone on vacation without Victoria and her daughter — Angelina.

Earlier, the billionaire’s son did not miss the opportunity to enjoy a family vacation, and now prefers to travel without the Russian star. This led followers of Victoria, on the idea that their family is not all right. By the way, in a Network there was also a rumour that Alex went on vacation all not one and not with friends, but in the company of a young model.

And while the husband is away Bonia vengeance enthusiastic work. The TV star, who lost at the time of the husband flew for one day to Moscow, but in the evening he returned to Monaco, where he lives with his daughter.

Probably Victoria herself will soon dot the “and” comment on rumors about discord in the family. She has had to make statements that in her house there is harmony. Last Bonia has done this in a fairly rigid form. “Chicken! The fact that my husband was removed from Instagram, does not mean that he departed from my life too. A photo for you. But I want to remind you that we prefer to keep our happiness in silence. Away from your eyes. Thank you cackle for us!” — wrote Victoria.