Eva Pol’na showed rare the younger daughter

Ева Польна показала редкий снимок младшей дочки
The singer is preparing for beach season.

Eva Polna with daughter Amalia

Photo: @polnaeva_official Instagram Eva Pol’na

Eva Polna for the first time showed fans his grown-up youngest daughter nine — year-old Amalia. The singer, despite the tight employment, manages not only to help their children with homework, but also to give them the most of their free time. Recently, for example, Eva with Amalia spent time in the fresh frosty air.

“Today we for the first time in the winter out on the trails! Fervently and with a twinkle we overcame some stadium laps! The equipment we have is lame, sure, but this fact cannot overshadow the joy of the process! And may we yet a real kettle with a teapot but is able and bystrooborachivaemy!” — said eve.

While the dipole with her daughter doing their first steps in skiing. Eve said about her country house there is a forest, where there are ski trails “the advanced” athletes. There the singer is not yet in danger of to go, so practicing on the stadium. By the way, skiing is a great way to be the spring in perfect form.

Incidentally, the dipole was told that because of work she sometimes still feels like a mother cuckoo, but the whole experience is more than kompensiruet when she gets home. “I love those moments when both my girls I sideways: Evie on one side, Amalia from the other. You feel like such a chicken-a brood hen took her Chicks under her wing. Not randomly on the page in the social network stories about his girls, I sign “the mother Bird”. For me it is important to keep a sense of family to my daughter knew that there is always help, sorry, cheers!” he told eve 7days.ru