Victoria Bonya is in a depression

Виктория Боня находится в депрессии
After Victoria Bonia broke up with her civil husband and the father of daughter Alex Smerfit, she became an active user of the social network.

Виктория Боня находится в депрессии

In her microblog often appear pictures of luxury living. But Victoria was shocked followers by posting a post which told about the feelings of depression, and her time is not easy.

Виктория Боня находится в депрессии

“Girls, you know those days when you just want to cry? I have today is such a day… and I’m scared. Before I didn’t notice. And I tired to be strong! So you want to be weak…” — said followers Bonia.

The secret is the fact that what happened in the life of a star she is going through a difficult time.

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