Victoria Bonya gave my daughter a Royal celebration

Виктория Боня устроила дочке королевский праздник The former participant “Houses-2” has celebrated the birthday of a child. Victoria Bonya and Alex Smurfit prepared for girls an unforgettable journey. The little girl turned four years old.

      Виктория Боня устроила дочке королевский праздник

      Former member of “House-2” Victoria Bonya and her civil husband Alex Smurfit celebrated his daughter’s birthday. Angelina was four years old. For girls, the parents organized a chic party. The event took place on the yacht, which set sail on the Caribbean sea. One of the unusual gifts presented to the girls grandfather. He decided that the best gift for Angelina will be a memorable experience.

      “Grandpa has a surprise for Angelina, now let’s go swim with the dolphins. Our birthday girl found a friend (says it looks like Ken),” – said in a microblog Bonya.

      Fans were glad that the daughter of the former chastity reality show “Dom-2” will have the opportunity to see dolphins up close. They noted that all children without exception love of animals and joined the congratulations. “Happy birthday to your little beauty. Health, happiness and love to her parents immense. Everything else will be”, “happy birthday dear daughter. Her good health, happy events, funny, happy moments. Let everything in life she is good, but side by side will always have a guardian angel”, “Congratulations, you two beautiful girls! Better mommy isn’t anyone in the world!” – sent kind words subscribers of Victoria.

      “It is a pity that in 15 seconds is impossible to put all the fun, but I can say for sure, Angelica happy on all hundred!” – Victoria said video in his blog where he showed how the girl was happy to pet the dolphins. Victoria also said in comments to the publication that they organize another holiday, with friends little Angelina, and while they enjoy socializing with family on a yacht.

      Video published # VictoriaBonya (@victoriabonya) Mar 2016 1 17:24 PDT

      I must say that Victoria is very kind to the child and for the sake of constant communication with her can sacrifice your own interests. In early February Bonia left the popular show of the First channel “Without insurance” due to the fact that could not endure long separation from the only daughter. She became intolerable from the fact that the girl doesn’t understand why mom flies away from Monaco. However, to take angelina with you Victoria could not, as the baby to go to kindergarten, which is not to be missed.

      Виктория Боня устроила дочке королевский праздник

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