Victoria Bonia upset that is happening in Moscow

Виктория Боня огорчена тем, что происходит в Москве
Victoria Bonia arrived in Moscow. Vick genuinely disappointed, as she met the residents of the capital.

Виктория Боня огорчена тем, что происходит в Москве

“So love this time of year! Nature wakes up and it smells of spring #Moscow. Just one question, why passers-by did not smile?”

– asks Vika.

First comment, exact and capacious, was a “zulican” other blog readers:

“Because all the poor as a mouse, everything is expensive, a lot of illnesses and other problems. People who are depressed. That’s why!!!”

– says one of the girls. It is impossible not to agree…

Of course, arriving in the capital every few months from Monaco, not so much strain tube, the constant replacement of sidewalks, curbs installation of marble on the ring road, new LCD, prices in the shops seem to be miserable even in the “ABC of taste”, do not strain the poor grandmother in a “roundabout” (I pay for the purchase of older people, I feel so sorry for them, my heart aches…) and other “charms” of our wonderful city… to Smile the weather is nice I would like, if you do not thoughts that this is only a temporary mood, while going from home to metro, and most of the day not occupied with positive thoughts. And I still do not watch TV…

And you have what kind of attitude?

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