Victoria Bonia throughout please husband

Виктория Боня во всем угождает мужу Now presenter along with favorite travels through France. Even on vacation Victoria Bonia constantly surprised his common-law spouse. Not so long ago she had prepared for him a sumptuous meal, which consisted of a giant seafood and vegetables.

      Виктория Боня во всем угождает мужу

      At the moment TV presenter Victoria Bonia travels through the resort towns of France together with her civil husband Alex Smurfit, businessman and owner of a billion. Not so long ago Belle and her lover visited Saint-Tropez, where Bonia met with the star of TV series “Magnificent century” Meryem Uzerli and was delighted with the acquaintance with the actress. According to Victoria, their fate had. The TV star also said in his microblog that happy to wait for a new meeting with Meriem.

      And now Victoria and Alex moved to another place, about the rest in which many only dream. Young couple having fun in Cannes, where in mid-may will be held a famous international film festival.

      Judging by the photos of Bonnie in social networks, they decided to rent an apartment, Victoria was able to please Alex cooked dishes. So, on one of their collaborative dinners beauty decided to prepare a delicious and hearty dinner, consisting of seafood and vegetables. Huge shrimp and chunks of sirloin, and a delicious asparagus — probably, Alex was satisfied. In the picture, published in Victoria Magazine, he smiles and shakes his head, apparently enjoying her mistress-wife.

      Subscribers Boni were not indifferent to her culinary talents. Even with pictures of the food she had prepared a loved one, looked very appetizing. “Russian Cinderella”, “looks Great, a nice lunch,” “everything useful on the table”, “Cool lunch”, “Excellent Sunday lunch”, “a beautiful woman is a beautiful husband. Bonia, you’re super!”, “A rich man is a grateful man”, “Snacks”, — was glad for the family idyll fans of the TV presenter.

      Виктория Боня во всем угождает мужу

      TV presenter Victoria Bonya and Alex Smurfit billionaire met at a party in Moscow. The lovers have been together for several years, but until SPERATI to formalize their relationship and live in a civil marriage. The couple have a daughter Angelina Letizia, who was born in 2012. The girl’s citizenship of the Principality of Monaco, as her parents live there and are not going anywhere to move — neither in Russia, nor in Ireland, where I came from Alex.

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