Викторию Боню заподозрили в беременности The famous TV presenter after breaking up with Alex Servicom moved to Los Angeles and stopped to put my personal life. However, fans of the star are convinced that the young woman not just in love, but also pregnant. Such conclusions they gave a new video Russian beauty.

Victoria Bonia prefers to share in Instagram seductive shots from photo shoots and other work points. Recently, however, the star broke that rule and posted a funny video in which unvarnished told about his own diet. According to star, she eats so many sweet that she even became ill.

“After all the Goodies I wanted something salty. So go to your favorite sushi restaurant. Plan to eat there more. I wonder what could it be?” – says the star during the video.

This entry provoked a strong reaction among fans of the presenter. They immediately began to congratulate Victoria with the imminent addition to the family. “She’s definitely pregnant, and not for the first time, it suggests” “I when his son was carrying too rushed from one extreme to another. Want something salty, then sweet”, “Tell us who the baby’s father,” commented on the entry subscribers Boney.

Rumors about the pregnancy and gave birth to another picture of Victoria. On it a young woman appeared in a pale pink dress free style, covering the abdomen with a hand. Fans came to the conclusion that the star has gained weight because of an interesting situation.

However, there were also those fans, who refuted the hypothesis that the young woman is pregnant. In their opinion, Victoria’s just there was a failure, because it has fairly strict diet. Some fans and even caught the Boni of deliberate provocation and stirring up the interest to the person.

The star herself has refrained from comments about his personal life. She regularly puts pictures of luxury gifts and expensive bouquets, while keeping secret the names of fans.

Recently a young woman surprised subscribers another ambiguous post: she posted a photo from a five year old daughter Angelina, prudently closing the girl’s face funny smiley. Fans immediately came to the conclusion that Victoria did it on purpose to protect the baby from excessive attention of journalists.

Recall that after breaking up with Alex Smerfit, Victoria embarked on a career. Five-year-old Angelina often accompanies the mother in travelling around the world, but at the same time and stay with father in Monaco.