Оксану Акиньшину обвиняют в избиении соседки The woman complained the actress in the police. 50-the summer inhabitant of one of settlements of claims that Oksana Akinshina raised her hand. The reason for the disagreement between the star and her counterpart was incorrectly parked car.

The famous actress and mother of three children, Oksana Akinshina in serious trouble. A celebrity may become a defendant in a criminal case. Neighbor Oksana Akinshina in the village, which is the star with the family rents the house accuses her of beating.

50-year-old woman named Alevtina Aleksandrovna has told to representatives of the power structures that Oksana Akinshina raised her hand. It all happened during the quarrel between the two women. The reason for the disagreement was incorrectly parked car of the stars. According to Alevtina Alexandrovna, Oksana Akinshina blocked his car at the village entrance. A neighbor asked the artist to move the car to another location, but instead to fulfill the request of the woman, Akinshina, according to her, attacked her with his fists.

In addition, Alevtina Aleksandrovna told that Oksana Akinshina threatened her with a weapon. Allegedly, the actress said that it is in her car and she can use it. Women before the eyes surfaced footage from the film “Sisters”, in which Akinshina firing a gun, and she immediately decided to retreat, so as not to aggravate the situation.

It is worth noting that the 30-year-old Oksana Akinshina never been a meek disposition. Despite his angelic appearance, she has always been considered a real example of mean girls. For Oksana from childhood there were no restrictions, and she often ignored the generally accepted norms, in an effort to not be like everyone else. At school it doesn’t matter to 13 years acquired many bad habits, actively communicated with members of the opposite sex, and after acting debut in the film of Sergei Bodrov Jr.’s “Sisters” dropped out of school.

Only meeting with the current civil husband, film producer Archil Gelovani able to cool unruly head Akinshina. Looks like a Mature man, and Archil Oksana older than 13 years, brings to life actress serenity and wisdom. Akinshina learned to appreciate family and relations in it. Bad girls: stars with a violent temper, which became exemplary mothers

But as you can see, the irrepressible character actress still sometimes makes itself felt. We can only guess what consequences will Akinshina is the story of a neighbor who, according to Life.ru removed a beating and wrote the application in police.