Виктория Боня возобновила роман с красавцем-миллиардером
The star of “House-2” has denied the rumors about the break-up.

Victoria Bonia and Pierre Anduran

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonia in may Shine in Cannes with her new boyfriend, billionaire Pierre Ancyranum. But when the festival was over, social is missing a joint photo of the stars “House-2” with the oil magnate. Many assumed that beloved has left Boni. Others said that, they say, is no affair between them originally was not. The day before in spite of your haters Victoria issued a joint photo with Pierre.

The picture was taken during a romantic vacation Bonnie and Endurane in Malta. Happy couple caught in a tender embrace. The frame has denied all the rumors about the problems in relations of the Russian star with a rich Frenchman. “Comments are not necessary”, — signed photo of Victoria with Pierre.

Not so long ago Bonia talked about the fact that he was preparing to marry Anduran. And recently fans began to suspect a TV star in pregnancy. According to Victoria, the bride conquered it not his billionaire, and… intelligence. On the first date she talked to him about quantum physics. The owner of the investment Fund Andurand Capital interested Boni their knowledge in this area. “This is the only man who could with me to support this conversation,” admitted Victoria.