Викторию Боню застали на свидании с известным футболистом Socialite spends time with the team midfielder “Manchester United” Marouane Fellaini. Social media users believe that the athlete is seriously interested in Victoria Bonneuil and gives her expensive gifts. Prospective lovers not comment on speculation of the public.
Викторию Боню застали на свидании с известным футболистом

38-year-old Victoria Bonya not hide the fact that he found a new love. On the chosen model, not much is known. Apparently, he is very serious. Victoria calls a soulmate husband and says that he gives gifts to her daughter. Fans of Bonnie believe that she had an affair with 30-year-old Belgian footballer Marouane Fellaini, midfielder of “Manchester United”.

Victoria Beaune is credited with an affair with a footballer

In November last year Victoria has reignited rumors about the passion of an athlete, photographed in the form of the English club. Subscribers microblog Bonnie decided that she tried on stuff for a new boyfriend. After a couple of months in the network appeared the first photos of the alleged lovers. Victoria and Marwan spent time in one of the restaurants. The footage, published online, they look very happy and about something talking enthusiastically.

Photos of Bonnie and Fellaini again provoked discussion about the affair. Many thought that Marouane was invited to Victoria for a romantic dinner. According to fans of the athlete, he looks great together with the beauty from Russia. The stars themselves do not comment on speculation of the public.

Викторию Боню застали на свидании с известным футболистом

Earlier, Victoria Bonya once mentioned that her new hobby – an alien who is younger than 32-year-old Alex Smerfit. According to the woman, she’s crazy about its second half. Victoria even called the elect “perfection”. Beloved Boni regularly pampers her with attention. So, once he gave her lavish bouquets of flowers. Fans of Victoria regularly asked her to reveal the name of the mysterious admirer, but the socialite ignores many questions.

We will remind that in February of 2017 Victoria Bonia announced the parting with the civil husband Alex Servicom, son of the Irish billionaire. Rumors that the relationship of the couple is not going smoothly, went long ago, but the couple did not comment on them. Only about a year ago, Victoria decided to shed light on the speculation of the public.

“He is my friend and beloved man, I’m sure it always will be. I know that many will now begin to misquote and invent their own version. It is not a spontaneous decision, we came to him six months ago. Today we have a great relationship, we talk on the phone every day, share experiences, spend time with the child. It so happened that our relationship turned into friendship, we really love each other, but in a very different way,” shared Them on Instagram.

Despite the fact that Victoria and Alex broke up, they continued to participate in the education of the General’s daughter Angelina Leticia, which came to light in March 2012.