Victoria Bonia called part of the “House-2” with hard work

Виктория Боня назвала участие в «Доме-2» тяжелой работой Presenter and actress gave professional advice to students. During the event, Victoria Bonya remembered about the project, which glorified her all over the country. The star said that popularity makes you feel responsible, and also paid tribute to the ranking of “House-2”.
Виктория Боня назвала участие в «Доме-2» тяжелой работой

On Wednesday, the 38-year-old Victoria Bonya met with students of the Higher School of Cinema and Television “Ostankino”. The star shared her secrets with future professionals in the media industry. Victoria told about how to achieve the desired, but also remember the beginning of his career and shared plans for the future.

During the event we are talking about the reality show “Dom-2”, after which Vic became famous. She was a member of telestroke about a year – from 9 may 2006 to 12 April 2007. In recent years, Bonia rarely speaks from experience, as now she has a lot of other projects and plans.

Виктория Боня назвала участие в «Доме-2» тяжелой работой“Many didn’t want to admit the reality niche, and not only in Russia but also in the West. Take the most famous example is Kim Kardashian, which was at first denied, saying, “who the hell is she?” While Kim made a fantastic career and makes good money, – said the TV star. – Because the niche of reality – the most powerful. I realized this many years later. Even singers and actors not such a big audience. Who watches reality TV? Children, teenagers, adults, grandparents. The whole family”.

Victoria noted that it is often a watch reality TV and inevitably in depth. To the bonnet, happened, came men who said that they know her as their wife watching “House-2”.

“Recognition from the reality, of course, much more. Why I went into this project? I was curious to know why people watch these shows over the years and know the names of. My sister was watching, friend – remembered Victoria. – I said, “Look, aren’t you ashamed?” I thought it was a little shameful. A friend replied: “No, they have such great ratings”. When I heard the word “rating”, then decided to go and see what it is, and learn how everything works inside.”
Виктория Боня назвала участие в «Доме-2» тяжелой работой

Bonia originally planned to stay only for the summer. But in the end stayed for a longer period. Then Victoria was not even thinking what will gain popularity after participation.

“The structure of this project, of course, brilliant. It’s such a cash machine that brings income to participants and producers. And notice that the show has been going for so many years. I left about 12 years ago, but still remember and recognize. Sometimes a young girl and say, “Vic, I grew up on your gear”. Honestly, it’s like: “My grandmother grew up on your movies or songs,” shared the celebrity.
Виктория Боня назвала участие в «Доме-2» тяжелой работой

Presenter noted that many of the stars of telestroke so fond of the audience that they are being watched by millions. As an example, Victoria has led Olga Buzova. According to Bonnie, participation in the reality show involves caring about the audience.

Виктория Боня назвала участие в «Доме-2» тяжелой работой“Popularity is a big responsibility. You can’t live the same life as before. So I don’t know if I could’ve done today on the project – said Victoria. – Then I was 20-something years, I have had other priorities. I wanted to try and explore life. And now I am a mother, I have daughter six years old… am I Sorry? No, it makes no sense. Actually, pity is the most useless feeling.”

Bonia added that participation in the reality show can be compared to real work. Many viewers only think on the other side of the screen doing nothing. Therefore, Beaune useful knowledge that she gave at the Institute during the training in the specialty “TV journalism”. But the “House-2” star also received a certain baggage of knowledge, it concerns, in particular, operate prompter with earphone in the ear.

“Tell you in the ear with a loud voice, you have to save face, to convey the intonation, if the person is wrong, to pretend that nothing happened… I learned All this on telestroke,” concluded Bonia.