Victoria Beckham will be the producer of his son

Виктория Бекхэм станет продюсером своего сына
The wife of the famous football player is going to sacrifice their career.

Victoria Beckham with son Cruz

Photo: @victoriabeckham (Instagram Victoria Beckham)

11-year-old son
Victoria and David Beckham, quite possibly, in the future will Eclipse its famous
parents. The boy showed her singing talent and in order to help
him to become a real star, Victoria is ready to go on considerable a victim. About it
according to the Internet website

For the first time about the talent of the crews started talking when his father
posted a Hopefull song in the style of R&B
the execution of his younger son. This clip literally blew up the Internet, and
the boy started talking as about the new Justin Bibere. Many have noticed that
voice, and manner of execution of Justin and Cruz are remarkably similar. And some even
dared to say that when he was in the age of the young Beckham, Bieber sang worse!

And soon after sensational clip, David posted
intrigued by all the photo: it Cruz was captured in the Studio
recording with headphones and a microphone. From which he concluded that the young Beckham working
on a new composition. So was Cruz recorded the song Bieber’s “Never Say Never”.
And as soon as the record hit the social network, page young singer appeared
the mass of subscribers. And, as argued, the crews still have a few ready
records, whom he would soon share with his fans.

By the way, for the right to become a producer of the young singer
already the battle broke out. First, its desire to work with Cruz said
famous TV presenter and producer Simon Coles. Then oswae offer made and
another well-known specialist — Rodney jerkins. But I guess this place is already taken.
His mother Victoria said that as a man, not by hearsay familiar with
the music business, she intends to personally send the career of the son. And when it
husband David objected, noting that, managing her fashion Empire is absolutely not
leave her for this time, Victoria said she is ready to go any
sacrifices for his son. Even if it would need to relinquish part of its
business projects, she goes for it without hesitation.