Victoria Beckham teaches four-year-old daughter painting

Виктория Бекхэм обучает четырехлетнюю дочку живописи

A successful designer Victoria Beckham in her busy schedule finds time for the children and tries to give them as much attention.

The former singer was repeatedly told that in the education of their four children he puts his heart and soul and because of that Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper often refers to as role models.

Now the most parental attention is required for baby Harper. The girl spends much time with dad, but mom here is trying to keep up.

Victoria leads the daughter to ballet, teaches sewing and drawing. Vicki recently published a picture, on which four-year-old girl writes oil.

As a true artist, to paint Harper uses the tablet. Apparently, she draws the pool and flowers, but is clearly inspired by the abstract art. Fans of the Beckham family were thrilled from the photo, they especially praised gorgeous hair of the girl, which, incidentally, protects scissors from dad David. He forbids his wife to cut Harper.

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