Виктор Дробыш поможет исполнить мечту участнику шоу «Ты супер!»
Little Zhenya Shevchenko hopes to find a family.

Zhenya Shevchenko

Photo: PR-service of NTV

With the help of Viktor Drobysh, the judges of the show “You
super!”, beating all records for
ratings NTV, a small party of the project was a step closer to
his dream. The contestants of the “You’re super!” — children left without care
parents: especially the audience was touched by the story of Zhenya Shevchenko from Primorye. In his
first real interview for the program “the End of the day,” Jack told me that project
for him not only a chance to show the whole country their talent, but also the last
trying to find a foster home.

Answering a question of judge Victor Drobysh
“Why do the singers sing?”, Jack answered without hesitation: “to give people
joy.” In his 11 years boy haven’t seen that much joy. The mother refused
from Eugene, leaving him to be raised by her father, a Vietnamese living in Russia illegally.
The first years he spent on construction sites and markets — wherever the Pope was able
to find a job. Once Jack was seriously ill, and the father drove the boy to the hospital.
Documents to work in Russia, he was not, but to risk the life of a son he never
could. In the end, the father was deported, and Zhenya was sent to an orphanage. After three years
in the orphanage the boy was adopted. Foster parents took in a family of two children
Zhenya and Nastya. It seemed that this story ended well. But four years later
the two boys returned to the orphanage. Jack recalls this period with
genuine pain: “I was in despair, felt broken, because
I don’t have to I’ve been dumped for the third time. I wish I was
person I can say, “Mom, I love you””.

The next edition of the music contest will be released
25 Mar at 20:00.