Nadezhda Babkina broke up with a young boyfriend

Надежда Бабкина рассталась с молодым  гражданским мужем
People’s artist told the whole truth about his personal life.

Hope Babkin and Eugene Mountains

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Recently, in secular circles began to appear information about
the fact that Gaga broke up with Eugene Gore after 13 years together
life. Once passionate beloved
they appeared together everywhere, and recently, Babkina goes to events alone.
But, according to the singer herself, all these are rumours, and they have a civilian husband who is younger than the singer for 30 years,
everything is fine.

However, according to Babkina, they are leaving Eugene regularly and live in different apartments,
but not more than three days. “We have free space. We’ve got each other in front of the eyes, — said the people
artist. — For example, Jack feels that
can’t mess with me, I’d rather be alone and leaves. And then comes back, and all we have, as before, all right.”

With her husband, the singer may not see her for a few days, while
no one rolls a scene and not interested in where and who was missing
the second half. Babkin says that their feelings with Eugene Gore for 13 years
no cooled.

“My heart is busy. I’m not free, says all of his fans
Babkin. — I’m good. I don’t
have anything to look”.

The singer’s husband often makes favorite surprises, and Babkin
spoils it in the kitchen. “Every day I lay on the table: white tablecloth,
plates, napkins, wine, brandy, sauerkraut, herring, potatoes, —
says Babkin. — I can’t help it”.