Victim of plastic surgery Yegor Halavin admitted who provides it

Жертва пластической хирургии Егор Холявин признался, кто его содержит The reality star said that all procedures to change the appearance he pays a production company. However, Halavin refuses to disclose how many receives for his suffering on the operating table.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Egor Holyavin almost every month health risks, going on new plastic surgery. The man admits that is not afraid of anything, but only slowly but surely goes to the planned purpose – to become a real live Ken. Many people wonder how celebrities have the money for such expensive procedures. Halavin explained that all his costs are paid by the American production company.

      “Can’t divulge the size of their own remuneration. I will say this: everything that is happening in my life paid. Housing, travel by car with a driver, the operation – pays for all production center. In addition, a separate amount I got for signing the contract, every month I get a fixed salary, so to speak. For the surgery, I also get a fee, it’s growing every time,” said Yegor.

      The man does not hesitate to arrange live broadcasts during operations. Recently, the Network appeared the frames after the procedure to reduce the chin star electroni. According to Holavina, he really loves the changes in me, because while participating in the project, he was a fat guy in glasses who was not interested in spectacular girls.

      “Recently there was a big reworking of the face: chin removed, altered cheekbones, nose, straightened his ears. Total from January I underwent 5 operations, 8 is still ahead. Still need to reduce the pelvis to the shoulders seemed wider to vision correction, eyes I have changed, we also change completely the shape of your lips and make a Hollywood smile will insert the new jaw,” – said Yegor.

      Family Holavina worried about his health. However, the man believes that it is necessary to move confidently to the fulfillment of your dreams. Some time ago, Yegor claimed that the mother was to blame for the fact that he was full. According to reality star, from early years, parents should provide children with the proper eating habits. Egor Holyavin blames the mother for the problems with excess weight

      “I was fat and suffered humiliation and insults, was a very difficult moment in his life when he became a member of the “House-2″. How much dirt I listened to his side… and so I changed after the project, but, after parting with the girl he loved, I realized that I wanted to radically change everything”, – said Halavin in an interview with “Interlocutor”.