Виктория Романец: «Мы с Антоном больше не пара!» The former participant “Houses-2” erases the memories of a former lover. Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev has declared that in love with each other in December of last year. Despite the fact that a man made a proposal of marriage, their relationship is faced with challenges that proved fatal.

      In December, former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet declared themselves a couple. In October a man broke up with his wife Eugenia Feofilaktova, but soon found solace in the arms of a striking brunette. The lovers looked so happy on the new year holidays the pair flew to Dubai, where he spent nearly a month in a romantic journey. However, before fans noticed that the microblog Victoria suddenly disappeared a joint photo with Anton. “StarHit” decided to contact romanet to understand what is happening between the lovers.

      “Anton and I are not a couple anymore – confessed former member of “House-2″. – The reasons I don’t want to say it’s too personal. But I can assure you that no cheating from my side, no it was not. There are other reasons to leave. Can you tell me what this relationship needed more than Anton. The day before yesterday I decided that we shouldn’t be together, something happened that was the last straw. More I can’t sleep with him in bed, tell her that you love, it killed my feelings.”

      Victoria said that in her opinion, Anton is not yet able to come to terms with her decision. Romanet hopes that after a breakup, its only waiting for a pleasant change. She admitted that he had not received the benefits in the relationship you wanted. Moreover, the former participant of the reality show have not seen any prospects for their pair.

      Not so long ago, Gusev Romanets were sharing a house, but now they left the common home. Victoria romanet boasted a new country house

      “The house we are renting first. I’m looking for an apartment, I don’t think I have a problem with that. Today, I spent the night in the mansion, I don’t know if he took my stuff, and said that this evening leave the keys. Maybe he’s with his friends, shared with them, I do not know him. I, of course, would like to meet, talk and what we discuss? I am young, beautiful, I have my own dreams, goals. Whether I forgive him? Don’t even know, because still the residue remains…” – shared his feelings romanet with “StarHit”.

      Despite the fact that Victoria deleted the pictures that would remind her about Anton, the man himself until it arrives so radically. Yesterday he admitted romanet in love and talked about how he appreciates his beloved. Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet announced their intention to get married