The head of the family Del was found guilty of beating son

Главу семьи Дель признали виновным в избиении сына The court considered the case against the inhabitant of Zelenograd, which was suspected of beating a minor adopted child. Michael Share has appointed the mandatory work. A man and his wife have not yet commented on the decision of the courts.

      Главу семьи Дель признали виновным в избиении сына

      Recently Zelenograd the court considered the case against Michael Del, who was accused of beating one of the earlier seizure of foster children. Against men were prosecuted on administrative article 6.1.1. Of the administrative code. Michael was sentenced to 90 hours of community service.

      According to journalists, the hearing in the case against the inhabitant of Zelenograd was considered in the closed mode, so it is unknown whether he acknowledges himself guilty. Earlier, Michael and his wife Svetlana Del denied that their family was violence. During the conversation with reporters the man claimed that the little Seryozha, the beating of which he was accused, the specific vascular system. Therefore, on the child’s body may be bruised even if the boy fell out of bed. The father of adopted children from Zelenograd explained the bruises on the body of the son

      Earlier, the head of the family Del was prosecuted. However, in February of this year in Russia came into effect the law on decriminalization of violence. In this regard, the beatings inflicted by family members for the first time, now are considering in an administrative plane.

      Главу семьи Дель признали виновным в избиении сына

      After the criminal code was amended, Michael Del became the figurant of other criminal case – under article 156. It was reported that the man accused of failure to perform or improper execution of duties on education of minors.

      Recall that seven Del became embroiled in scandal in January this year. Then the representatives of the guardianship seized the inhabitants of Zelenograd ten minor foster children. This happened after the teacher found the body of one of them bruised.

      The story of mothers from Zelenograd split society into two camps

      Later, the Department of labor and social protection of Moscow terminated with Mikhail and Svetlana Del agreement about custody of eight adopted children and two adopted kids returned to the family. Now they must deal with a grandmother who lives in St. Petersburg.

      Note also that the original Svetlana Del was determined to return the seized children. She stated that they are ready to fight for each of them. The couple had intended to seek resolution of the issue through the courts. However, in early February of this year, residents of Zelenograd, has withdrawn the claim to the guardianship authorities and the police.

      “We still continue to hope and believe that at least some of our children will be part of our big family. We also hope that those children that we will not be able to reconnect, find their happiness in other good foster families. We thank all the families who offered themselves as new parents for our children! We continue to ask for prays for us, our family and our children!” wrote Svetlana Del in social networks.