Виктория Романец: «Все мужчины – агрессоры» The former participant of the reality show believes that is now rare to find couples where the man is too influential and his fiancee are willing to endure his temper. Victoria romanet in the author’s column “StarHit” talks about why girls agree to live with abusalama.
Виктория Романец: «Все мужчины – агрессоры»

Many girls dream to fall in love, to build a strong family, to live happily ever after like in a fairy tale. But often the pursuit of a dream turns on the fact that brides give men the non-existent qualities and get married in the hope that from now on everything will go according to their plan. As a result, some are confronted with tyrants and aggressors, treachery, domestic violence, or at best manipulative.

The star of the reality show “DOM-2” Victoria romanet was eager to share his experience and to warn girls against this rash step. She told how to compute and not to fall into the trap of abuzerov.

“I believe all men are aggressors, because it is male ego, he getter, a master of the situation. In the modern world is measured by what he has an apartment, car, money and he thinks he can manipulate the woman.

The easiest way not to fall into the hands of the aggressors – to be independent. This does not mean that she has to work from morning to night, the screw in light bulbs and hammer nails. Men immediately determine whether the woman with him or she feels without him. In my opinion, every couple makes each other’s lives better. An independent girl, if you feel something is amiss in a relationship with a man, maybe just to get away from him, despite the fact that they share children, homes.
Виктория Романец: «Все мужчины – агрессоры»

But among women, many of the manipulators. I think it’s made the ones that left men, and to avoid such a development, they become tyrants, speculate children, and so forth.

I think the main problem now – women painfully soft, sensitive, dependent. Man, if feel will have to do absolutely everything – perhaps the result of his mistress’s house, knowing that you will live together and will not be able to go anywhere. It puts its own terms – either that or separation. And where it will go, and that is the provocation, her life becomes a grind. I am for equality in the family, when there are no claims, manipulation and disrespect to each other.

Виктория Романец: «Все мужчины – агрессоры»But those who are in such a situation, I can tell you one thing – nothing is impossible, you need to reevaluate your life and understand that man you have chosen. Before getting married, to give birth, it is better to learn of her future husband from A to Z. Then will not have such stories that after two years of marriage men raise a hand, and the woman can not leave regrets their child. Feelings, of course, necessary, but beyond that you should pay attention to the character.
Виктория Романец: «Все мужчины – агрессоры»

Sometimes I’m surprised at women who are looking for a Board – a man does not want to marry, and already has a young son. Then not even want to respond, I will never believe that such a situation could occur with a smart girl. Apparently, at some point, they fold the wrong direction, doomed to life with bullies or manipulators”.