«На здоровье не жаловался»: студентка актера из «Любовь и голуби» рассказала о его последних днях For many friends, acquaintances and disciples of the death of Igor Lyakh was a real blow. The actor, who played in the film by Vladimir Menshov did not complain of feeling unwell. One of his students remembered what was Igor Lyakh.
«На здоровье не жаловался»: студентка актера из «Любовь и голуби» рассказала о его последних днях

Lyonka kuzjakina played in the film “Love and doves” Igor Lyakh died in the night of 8 June. The actor died in his sleep: his heart stopped. How to remember his friends, he was always proud of this role in the film Vladimir Menshov. Because the Pole was in the film quite by accident. Initially in this role, wanted to take Alexander Ozerov. However, the creators of Comedy failed to agree with him a schedule of his filming. Then in his place, approved Igor Lyakh.

After this picture of the actor was waiting for other offers of filming. In 1997, the Pole was awarded the title of honored artist. About 18 years he taught acting at the Theatre school named after Schepkin, graduate who he himself was. Student lyaha Anastasia Gorbunova notes that he always loved his job, he could joke in the lectures and rehearsals, encouraged his players when they have something not work.

“Our last meeting was just the same in the exam. He was cheerful, asked us: “how are you, my Horny bastards?” For health Igor Vladimirovich never complained. His family said that night they had dinner, he went to bed and died in her sleep. The family has found it only in the morning”, — said Anastasia.

Recalls Gorbunova, I. V. never said anything about his family. Therefore, students learned about his family only during the farewell ceremony for a teacher.

“He is survived by wife, mother, adult daughter, and granddaughter. Very friendly people. Personal he for some reason kept secret from us. We got to talking with his daughter at the funeral, and she told us that his family knew all about his students. That is, Igor came home and told me about us, and scolded, and praised”, Anastasia said.

According to his students, the artist was disappointed when I learned of the death of his colleague Nina Doroshina. She passed away in may of this year. Doctors were unable to save her. A friend of Nina Doroshina said that in some terrible conditions she lived

“I remember we were sitting in the Institute, we had a rehearsal, and we told him about the death of Nina Doroshina. He sadly said, “Yes, Yes, it was a very good actress!” — Gorbunov said in an interview with “Interlocutor”.