Вик Менса посоветовал певцу Джастину Тимберлейку помалкивать

The rapper Vic Mensa has advised American singer Justin Timberlake not to rant about the equality of races, until he can prove that he supports the black population of the United States.

During the live talk show “late show with Larry Wilmore” Chicago rapper complained to the host, Timberlake has built his career on African-American music and dance, but it never openly supported the African Americans in difficult times.
View his page on Twitter over the last few years. He never wrote a single post in support of black, he has not commented on the incident in Baltimore, and the like. When it is not profitable, it did not address such issues because they are fraught. When he had to – he is with us, and when not, it’s like he’s blind. So it’s better not to say shit until you prove to us that he cares” — said the rapper.
A few days before Justin wrote on his page on Twitter that inspired speech by Jesse Williams about the rights of black African-Americans, which he said during the BET Awards. After that utterly Timberlake was accused of undeserved appropriation of the achievements of African-American culture. In response to such accusations, the singer said that all people are equal, and is even more displeased his opponents. The artist had to apologize and delete your post.

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