Беременная Блейк Лайвли не может отказаться от 12-сантиметровых каблуков
The actress is ready for any sacrifice for the sake of fashion.

Blake Lively

Photo: ZumaTASS

The other day Blake
Lively, who now bears is the second child from her husband Ryan
Reynolds, has made an unexpected recognition. The actress said that despite
his “interesting position” it is simply not able to abandon the shoes
heel exorbitant heights.

About it
fashionista-lively revealed during his recent interview with Hamptons Magazine. “I love
dressing up! But my main joy is my favourite shoes from the collection
Christian Louboutin. And they have the higher the heel the better!” — said Blake. Curious
that, according to the actress, it the best way to relax and relieve
stress is to decorate their feet with shoes “stilettos” height of 12 inches.

Looks like
Lively did not care about the fact that doctors strongly recommend pregnant
shoes with high heels. This, allegedly, affects the condition of the lumbar spine
expectant mothers and may even lead to increased uterine tone, which is very dangerous
for a child.

However, the actress is actually very brave and maybe
even too desperate mother. Recently, lively has revealed that she has already been starting to star in the film “Shallow”, discovered that she was pregnant.
The problem was that it was about working on the Thriller where she was
you must participate in a large number of tricks that required a large
exercise. Besides, in the story, Blake played the heroine, fleeing from
shark on a tiny rock in the middle of the sea, and she had to sit all day
there on the stone, in a wet suit and not too hot weather… However, from the spirit-stunt
the actress declined. However, fortunately, nothing happened, and lively
still completed the shoot without incident.

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