Веру Брежневу очаровал Киану Ривз
The singer met the Hollywood star.

Vera Brezhnev and Keanu Reeves

Photo: Splash News

Vera Brezhnev and Keanu Reeves met at a charity event, which was held in Basel, Switzerland. Russian singer for almost two years is an Ambassador for the UN and supports HIV-positive women in Europe and Central Asia. Keanu is also very much of his time to charity.

“I’m under the impression from talking with Keanu,” says Brezhnev. We gathered in Basel to discuss our achievements and to understand how we can help the world. World organization UNAIDS, together with partners held an event the result of which will be saved of life, people, generation.
We are so different, but all want the same: peace, health, love. Thank you to everyone who was there today.And of course, thank you Keanu!”

We will remind, Vera Brezhnev became Ambassador to the United Nations in 2014. Since then she traveled with her honorable mission many countries. Through its activities, a lot of people learned the importance of knowing their HIV status and how to live with the knowledge, if it is positive.

“I am a socially active person, I’m a man not indifferent, — has told
Faith. — A few years ago I was approached by the UN with the question of whether
I support their program. I knew almost nothing about HIV, just
agreed. Then the next year we did it again. After a year
again. One year I was the Ambassador. During this time, I read a lot, learned, and
now I know that had to take a step in this
side. The most important thing that we want to do is change in society
attitude towards HIV. We want to explain that there is no taboo that
this is not plague as previously thought, it’s not cancer, it’s not genetic
disease. If a person has HIV, he is receiving therapy and leads
a healthy lifestyle, it receives a completely normal life! And for
in order to know the status, you need to go and get tested”.

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