Самые известные животные-предсказатели по футболу
It turns out that not only the octopus Paul became famous for their skills.

Самые известные животные-предсказатели по футболу

Tiger Ricky, brothers zapashnye and hosts of the show “New morning” on NTV

Photo: Press-service of NTV

Last week in the program “New morning” on NTV Askold and Edgard zapashnye led tiger named Ricky that he tried to predict the outcome of the match Russia-England. Beast determined that the score will be 1:1, and he was right! Tomorrow Russian national team will play with Slovakia, and 20-June — Wales. And Ricky will again appear in the morning show aired on NTV. Who knows, maybe tiger actress is destined to become as famous fortuneteller, like octopus Paul? By the way, not the only one Paul is able (or rather, able) to predict the results of sports games. 7days.ru paused to remember each of them.

Самые известные животные-предсказатели по футболу

Octopus Paul

Photo: Wikipedia

1. Actually, the Paul. To date, the German octopus is considered the most famous predictor. Arriving from England to the sea life Centre in Oberhausen German, invertebrate mollusk began brilliantly to guess the results of the games of Euro 2008, especially those involving the German team. Paul chose the winner by using feeders with the flags of the teams before the matches were put in his aquarium. Throughout his career Paul has become the Bane of the bookies, having made 14 predictions, of which only two were incorrect.

The Spaniards tried to buy the octopus-Oracle 30 000 euros, PETA insisted that Paul was released, and chefs from around the world wanted to cook from the predictor of the soup. However, Paul lived a long life and died a natural death in the “sea life Centre”. Since then, in honor of the octopus there is a monument, and the octopus was posthumously awarded the British award of the DAFTAS Awards in the category “the Most unusual story associated with the animal”.

Самые известные животные-предсказатели по футболу

Nelly The Elephant

Photo: Instagram

2. Another authoritative in the sports world, the prophet – Nelly the elephant from a German zoo Hoden Hagen. Since 2011, it successfully predicts the outcomes of events involving Germany. She predicted almost all of the victory of the home team at various stages of the 2014 world Cup, including the final.

Predictions are made: the zoo staff put the football goal with team flags and between them put the ball that the elephant needs to score. Whose gates Nelly will throw the ball – that team will lose at the upcoming meeting. The last prediction the Oracle has made on the eve of the first match of Germany’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Ukraine. Nelly scored a goal in the gate last and was right – Germany beat rivals with the score 2:0.

Самые известные животные-предсказатели по футболу

Turtle Big head

Photo: Time.com

3. Important Paul continues and Brazilian turtle named Big Head. Directly from the reserve of Praia do Forte with a few pieces of fish amphibian makes its predictions about the results of the national team of Brazil in the football Championships. However, the last time Big Head predicted two years ago during the world Cup 2014.

Crab Petrovich

Photo: belapan.com

4. In the same 2014 the slender ranks of animal oracles have joined the crab-predictor Petrovich from Minsk. He quite successfully predicted the outcome of the world hockey Championship, predicting the victory of the USA over the Czech Republic and Canada over Finland. In this case, the crab refused to predict the outcomes of games involving Belarus – probably could not remain impartial.

Their forecasts Petrovich did of the Minsk center of Oceanography. The staff of the center was lowered into an aquarium crab washers with flags of the national teams which will play. His claws Petrovich dropped the puck at the bottom of the aquarium, and whose flag was the outside of the washer. This team was supposed to be the winner.

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