Вера Брежнева отреагировала на помолвку дочери
16-year-old Sonia Kiperman received an offer of marriage.

Sonia Kiperman

Photo: @sonya_kooper Instagram Sonia Kiperman

Sonia Kiperman, the eldest daughter Vera Brezhneva, recently announced to his mother via the social network, “married” and accompanied the news with the with his “fiance”. However, this statement was clearly a joke.

In fact, 16-year-old daughter of the singer played the mother. The part of her prospective future husband in the photo played a cardboard image of a gentleman in the cylinder, bent a knee in front of Sonya. “I’m sorry mom, but I love it!” — signed photo of her. Faith responded quickly to the recognition of the daughter and commented on her joke the large number of “emoticons”.

By the way, as it turned out, such an original way Sonia decided to tell my mom about what really nurtures loving feelings for a certain young man. But they, unfortunately Kiperman, unrequited. We are talking about the actor, the star of the series “Riverdale”, the Kenneth Fitzgerald. He is better known as KJ Apa. It was his Sonya noted for photographs of “bridegroom”.

And while the daughter is suffering from teenage crush, Brezhnev with his head immersed in the work. At the recently held premiere of her new single “people”, promises to be the hit of the coming summer. By the way, the shooting of the video for this song is already in full swing. So very soon, Brezhnev will delight fans of another creature.