Вера Брежнева избавилась от серьезных комплексов In his youth, the artist did not consider himself beautiful. At that time she had no one to explain how to find your style. Vera Brezhnev now recognized as a real sex symbol.

      Вера Брежнева избавилась от серьезных комплексов

      Now the popular singer Vera Brezhnev considered one of the most beautiful artists of the Russian show business. Her every appearance at a social event accompanied by continuous flashing cameras of the journalists. Loyal fans trying to be like her and continue to admire the beauty and symmetry of her figure. However, few suspected that a recognized style icon in his youth considered himself beautiful.

      “I am a long time his appearance is not much interested. Knew that ugly, well and accepted it as a given. Been short, no curls,” remember Brezhnev.

      But with the advent of celebrity when she appeared on stage as soloist of group “VIA Gra”, the public appreciated the attractive external data of the singer. As the popularity of it began to appear on the covers of the most prestigious magazines and became the face of many companies. Vera Brezhnev does not hesitate sometimes to face the camera in quite explicit form. However, fans will be pleased to note that, despite the bold images, in the photos there is no hint of vulgarity or bad taste. Faith is not afraid to show the perfect shape she managed to maintain even after the birth of two children.

      It is noteworthy that in his youth Belief has not turned the heads of young people. Brezhnev did not feel at all attractive. In her confession, she began to date years, fifteen or sixteen. And now that Faith has two older daughters, 14-year-old Sonia and six-year-old Sarah, she’s not interested in the personal lives of children. Despite the fact that the older girl conquers the podium in Moscow and new York, while not Dating anyone, while six-year-old fashionista is constantly surrounded by boys. Faith has a great opportunity to pass on to their daughters all the secrets of beauty, about which I have learned throughout life.

      “I lived in Dneprodzerzhinsk, where there was no one to suggest how to take care of. We with my friends were reading the magazines that some of your friends brought from abroad, watched the clothing catalogs, copying the style of the models…But all of it was naive and clumsy. Thank God mom sisters brought up properly – with taste never had any problems,” said Leonid Brezhnev in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

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