Вера Брежнева оказалась в заложниках в Красноярске

Vera Brezhnev continues to tour Russia. Recently the singer gave a concert in Krasnoyarsk, where faced with an unpleasant situation in which her performance could not take place.

For a few minutes before the concert Brezhnev were taken hostage.

Faith and her colleague could not escape from the dressing room, which for reasons that are unclear it was impossible to open either from the inside or outside. As a result, the door was knocked.

“Twenty minutes before the concert – dressing room doesn’t open. Nobody can understand why! From within or without, we simply cannot open the door. Ten minutes we tried to open the door, then tried to ream her…In the end had to knock!”, quoted Brezhnev press.

At the beginning of the concert, the Faith still managed. The singer even shared his misadventures with the audience, joking that it was late she was locked in the dressing room, so as not to miss the beginning: “”And this is you last came? You paid to see a concert late? No? Were before? So, not you. It’s not so simple. Someone probably wanted that our meeting did not happen, but nevertheless we are here with you and hope to give a lot of pleasant emotions”.

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