Команда Мерайи Кери покидает её из-за менеджера

The team at pop diva Carey Carey the – great changes. One after another, the singer is leaving her long-time employees. The reason is the new Manager of the singer Stella Bulochnikova< /strong>.

Sources close to the singer claim that the resignation already submitted by business Manager Michael Kane, publicist international class Connie Filippello, publicist Chris chambers, the tour Manager Michael Richardson and Galen Winkler, stylist and dezinerfolio Rosado (he designed her engagement ring) and other people who worked with Carey for many years.
“Maria allowed a total stranger to a new Manager to control everything in her life, but this woman Stella is simply poison her life. Experienced managers who have worked with Carey for many years, not going to put up with her and indulge her foolishness. No one can work with it. Maria not understand what is happening, she thinks it’s all petty disagreements, and Stella is her in a different light. But the fact is that the left Merayu not random people, and those faithful people who have worked with her more than twenty years” — said the source.
Bulochnikova joined Carrie at the end of last year and should lead the future filming of a documentary about the singer’s tour. Introduced from Hollywood Director Brett Ratner.
Insiders claim that a documentary about the tour, Stella has turned into a “dirty reality show” is scripted and false.
“She’s made a documentary in the reality show, which is disgusting because it is full of lies,” said the insider, and added that Bulochnikova even fired the lawyer and accountant by Carey at their own discretion. People have not received severance pay and remuneration for the last period, and are already preparing lawsuits to Carey.

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