Вера Брежнева устроила свадебный показ мод

The singer together with own wedding Agency staged a Grand fashion show, which was attended by her starry friend.

On the podium you could see Natalia Podolskaya, Lisa Boyars, Regina Todorenko and of course Vera Brezhnev. Each of the stellar models tried on luxurious wedding dress Vera Wang, chosen individually for each participating show. Images from fashion show shared Nastasya Samburski and Natalia Podolskaya. First published photos without any notes, but because some media suspected her forthcoming wedding with her boyfriend Alexander Ivanov.

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Photos show Vera Wang also shared Natalia Podolskaya. The singer appeared before the guests of the show and fans of luxury wedding toilet-bustier-white color. The outfit was adorned with a skirt of layered organza and charming little bows. In comments to publish Natalia said that never would like to get married again. “Today was a good day! Cheerful, positive, a little exciting. Today was a display of wedding dresses Vera Wang, who organized the extraordinary Vera Brezhnev and her Agency. I would be careful in his words. I never want to get married again! It was nice to wear such a beautiful dress and walk down the runway with ten pretty girls!” – wrote Justin Bieber on Instagram.

Video posted by Natalia Podolskaya (@nataliapodolskaya) Sep 26 2016 11:32 PDT