Вера Брежнева восхитила провокационным снимком The singer showed perfect body proportions on the beach. Vera Brezhnev remains true to itself – the pop diva has never hesitated to publish to the microblog naughty pictures, invariably causing admiration of fans. The star has something to show, because she has impeccable form.

      A couple of weeks one of the most beautiful singers of the Russian show business Vera Brezhnev will celebrate 35 years. This age is considered the peak flowering of female sensuality and sexuality. Vera Brezhnev and his hot shots do not get tired to prove it. Vera Brezhnev has excited fans bared Breasts

      Star in these January days is in Thailand, where he allowed himself to fully relax. She visits the SPA and of the time at the beach, basking under the rays of the warm Thai sun. Don’t forget Vera Brezhneva delight and subscribers, the army of which the singer has already seven million. The day before the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” has published the bold photos that caused the delight of her loyal fans. In the picture the singer is depicted in a moment of relaxation on the beach. Beauty caught in a very graceful and at the same time a relaxed position, through which perfectly visible all the advantages of her perfect figure – a thin waist, endless legs, toned buttocks. Spice and provocations frame attaches to the swimsuit Vera Brezhnev chose to take pictures. He’s black, lace-up, giving to understand that its owner is daring, bold and unpredictable.

      “Well what can I say? Perfection! A terrific figure!”, “A very pretty figure! I can’t believe you two kids!”, “I would very much like to learn from you the correct nutrition and training”, “Goddess!”, “To keep myself in this form – it is a big job! Good, Faith!”, “It’s a crime to look like that, Faith, you are beautiful!” “It’s incredibly sexy! Offer to Brezhnev to make a standard of female beauty!”, “Beauty, so sexy and so harmonious,” – predictable admired forms of Vera Brezhneva her fans.

      However, some still hurried to add a tar spoon in this verbal firs, stating that the singer would not hurt a bit better.

      It is worth noting that Vera Brezhnev is not one requested by the fans shared their beauty recipes. It helps proper nutrition, exercise and remarkable willpower to constantly observe the regime.

      “Sports is not just a fad, fashion or something else. First is health, and therefore wellbeing, and decreases the frequency of the disease. Secondly, if you want to be the master of your life – start with your body. First become its owner. So you can control your body, and not he you. Self-control, self-discipline is a great force. Sport should be a lifestyle, not a temporary phenomenon,” said Faith.