Воспитанница Аллы Пугачевой об операции: «Теперь я могу не бояться самоудушения» Julia Samoylova restores the spine. Despite the fact that the singer was recently on the surgical table, she found the strength to record a song with Gosha Kutsenko and remove the clip. The actress said “StarHit” how is her life after participating in the television show “factor a”.

      Воспитанница Аллы Пугачевой об операции: «Теперь я могу не бояться самоудушения»

      Julia Samoilov has declared itself on the musical show “factor a”. The young singer in a wheelchair was struck by Alla Pugacheva so that the Diva applauded her standing. Not long ago, the girl underwent surgery on the spine. For the financial help she went to all of his fans. Despite recent surgery, Julia recorded the song together with Gosha Kutsenko. Samoilov said the “StarHit” how is her fate after participating in a television show.

      You recently introduced your song with Gosha Kutsenko. How did you get this idea?
      Воспитанница Аллы Пугачевой об операции: «Теперь я могу не бояться самоудушения» The song itself is not new, in 2010, and remade more than once. We can say that this is not the song that was six years ago in sound but still the same mood. The material is unusual – Christmas, but with a light grostesque. I have long thought, whom to sing, and suggested that Gaucher is seen in this song, he is on life carries a similar mood. Gosh listened to the song and said she too “guruseva” – it is necessary to alter the text. My husband and I and so tried that, but the alternatives go, this text as if it stuck to the song. In the end, he remained the same, and “vysvetleni” competent Christmas arranged by Ruslan Lukyanov. The recording of songs began just after my surgery. Somewhere in the beginning of November, a month after the surgical table, I recorded the vocals, surprisingly good, although the doctors trying to persuade me to refrain from singing at least six months, preferably a year. By early December we’re ripe for a video – decided to make no frills, quite original, no paid actors, just friends and relatives of the musicians.
      Not so long ago, you asked fans for help in raising funds. How was the surgery?
      Воспитанница Аллы Пугачевой об операции: «Теперь я могу не бояться самоудушения» If not for the many people who responded and helped me gather a large amount of money, I don’t know what I was doing! I got the money for a couple of weeks. The operation was successful, and now I can not be afraid of strangulation, which would come in three to five years as a result of the progression of my disease. At the moment I’m fine, rehab is going according to plan. I don’t need financial aid, but I need viewers and listeners. I hope that my songs will find its fan and would dig me with someone in the soul. I am grateful to all the people who helped me with the surgery and would like to return to this good world.—
      How was your life after participating in the project “factor a”?
      Воспитанница Аллы Пугачевой об операции: «Теперь я могу не бояться самоудушения» The project “Factor And” practically changed my life. This is a runway that I came on the vilosiped, and flew on the Boeing. The TV gave me the opportunity to show the country what I can do, to convey what I feel. Before doubted who I am and what I do. I thought that I would become a psychologist, I’m also very good at drawing. Now, in addition to music, I have neither the desire nor the time to do something else. And skills of a psychologist is enough for me to understand people, so I almost don’t those I would not be happy.

      Who is your promoter?
      Воспитанница Аллы Пугачевой об операции: «Теперь я могу не бояться самоудушения» Globally for its promotion are currently my husband. I had the experience under the contract, but it is not particularly set, it is terminated. There were some plans on other contracts, but there is something went wrong at the last moment. I only last year realized that 2013 was waiting for me here-that someone would sign, say, what to sing, and I’m going to do it. At the same the songs that we wrote, was just saved in demo form, and gently lay down on the table. The turning point for me was meeting with Alla Pugacheva in March 2016. I came here to ask for advice, showing their composition. And suddenly she likes one of my songs, and she wanted to buy it! If a Diva wants to buy your creation, you’re such a bad story! Alla gave me then confidence in their own strength, gave a vector and understanding way.Some of the lyrics to the songs we write ourselves, part find on the Internet and contacting authors, license. Most of all, they are being sent to the authors yourself, I don’t like. One song out of a hundred may like the look, I even bought one, very much I sunk into the soul. —
      Did you participate in any musical competitions?
      Воспитанница Аллы Пугачевой об операции: «Теперь я могу не бояться самоудушения» To “Factor” I have participated in various competitions from local to international. Only once it was a race for the disabled, on which I have not got a chance. Since then I have competed only with people without disabilities. It happened that I had not received anything, been third place, and were the first and even the Grand Prix. The realization that I’m competing on an equal basis with people without disabilities was charging me for new achievements. Let’s be honest, it is better not to no place in the competition for ordinary guys than to the Grand Prix event for people with disabilities. After the “Factor” I was convinced that if the next contest is, only the “Eurovision”, no less! “The voice” seemed to me equivalent to “the Factor”, and thought it would be weird to be there. I was very suspicious after the draft, and many thought that I will say or write. Now I have a not so hurt and attitude has changed.

      Next to you is constantly your young man Alex. How long have you been together?
      Воспитанница Аллы Пугачевой об операции: «Теперь я могу не бояться самоудушения» With Lyosha we’ve been together for the eighth year. Officially married a little over two years. However, we formally signed. And the wedding there will be! We are not wedded yet.—
      What you found in your chosen one special, which was not in other men?
      Strange question. I mean, at first he didn’t like me, and I thought that we won’t be more than just friends! Because of their ill nature I began to cry and, despite all my quirks, Alex a very proper and wise did. I liked it. In General, it is difficult to say why we are together. Just found each other together, although the Outlook on life, we are different.