Василий Степанов сломал позвоночник The actor was seriously injured after the fall. At the moment the young man is recovering in the hospital. The doctors do not give any predictions about when he will again be able to walk. Close Vasily Stepanov told about his health and attitude.

      The star of the film “Inhabited island” for the past month confined to a hospital bed. The actor came to the clinic with a fractured hip bone and two vertebrae – he would have to learn to walk.

      “The mishap occurred in mid-December, says “StarHit” Vladislav, a friend of the actor. – Bob together with friends back home from the supermarket, they bought gifts for the New year. In the street while it was very cold, and the slush freezing. Near the entrance, Bob slipped, fell backwards directly on the steps and couldn’t get up already!”

      The guys immediately called an ambulance and covered Stepanova jackets, to not freeze, to not move the steel, realizing that he may have damaged musculoskeletal. “The doctors came in 10 minutes – continues to Vladislav. – Well, in the hospital after the examination and x-rays diagnosed”. Relatives Stepanova visit every day. Even in the New year’s eve family left and came to congratulate.

      Seven years of oblivion: Vasily Stepanov fled from depression and poverty

      “Bob is not discouraged, – says Vladislav. Plus the hospital is well fed. Doctors yet do not give forecasts when he starts to walk. But the recovery rate has already been approved, asked to buy a corset and crutches. Despite the pain, Bob joked: “But there is time to read the script!”

      We will remind that recently the actor told “StarHit” the intention to return in a big movie. Basil then got a few offers, and in parallel worked as a washer trolley to help the family pay off the loans. At the time, relatives took the banks have large sums to give him the opportunity to be treated. As soon as Stepanov came to work, he jumped at the chance to be useful to the family. Apparently, the Basil will take a long time to recover, to re-afford the labor. Now him save the love of family and faith best.

      “Bob helped to extinguish these loans. He secretly arranged a night washer trolleybuses in the fleet – washing for 15 per shift. The next morning the brother came back, was put on the table five thousand and quietly went to bed. Until recently he didn’t tell anyone earns. Said only: “the Most important thing pay!” Only confessed a few months later. Treatment ended, and the debts remained. We plan to repay in 2017. Bob now had plenty of offers for filming in movies. He readily agrees, remembering about the debt. Money I had not asked and do not take. Say: “This is my problem, will understand!” But brother Fox, puts part of the salary to my card with the caption: “Thank you, that was close!”