Больная раком певица Лама Сафонова рассказала о своем состоянии The actress openly spoke about how he feels after a major operation. According to the singer, her life turned into hell. However, Lama Safonova is not going to give up. The singer is configured for a serious struggle.

      Not so long ago it became known that the singer Lama Safonova was diagnosed. The artist was diagnosed with cancer. In his “Instagrame” Safonov said that it was a long and expensive treatment. Recently, the blonde revealed details of the struggle with the disease. According to the publication of Lama, she’s serious and not going to give up. Recently the singer has made a serious operation to which she had been prepared for several days.

      Singer Lama Safonova has declared about the terrible diagnosis

      “On January 17. Alive. Send the first message. Return from hell. Chapter 1: “Open your eyes”. Now I know that hell exists. I’m so exhausted by the inhuman pain that even breathing through time. Thank you for the love. That’s what keeps me going. Celestial shield with me. The next stage is ahead, not less complicated and cruel. Thank you to those who never left,” – said the singer, adding to his post hashtags such as “mortal combat”, “is not attacked on that” and “back, whatever it cost.”

      Subscribers Lama has supported her and advised me to hold on. “You’re a hero”, “Get well, genius and beauty”, “Health and health again”, “We are with you! I pray for you”, “Fight, you can do this”, “honey, you’re so clever. I hold you tight”, “Force you, faith, and love”, “Everything will be fine!” – wrote in comments to recording artist.

      Informed and shared details of his treatment. The actress is going through an extremely difficult period. Lama openly admitted that she needs help.

      “Today’s MRI… Well the third stage, plus all the affected lymph nodes… Cancer is a tricky thing… to Say it’s scary, painful, difficult, and to admit… especially When you consider strong, successful, blossoming and what could be the issues. In my family the trouble come on New year… there are no Guarantees and time already too, but I can say one thing: I intend to fight. Operation urgent, heavy, cut out a few organs. In Moscow. The complexity of its outcome adds to my intolerance to a large spectrum of drugs (anesthesia, anesthesia, antibiotics, etc.), which happened after the attack on me in 2012 and all the previous troubles. To say that I now feel is to say nothing. One I can’t do this,” said the singer.

      The stars of show business supported Safonov in its struggle with a terrible disease. They organized a charity concert in capital club Volta. In the event, which will take place on January 22, will take part Natalia gulkin, Vladimir Levkin, Pierre Narcisse, Dmitry Nesterov, Anna Kalashnikov, Eugene Rasskazova, Aphrodite and many others. Leading the evening will be Catherine kirmel and Vladimir Brilev.