Vasily Stepanov became interested in the daughter of a millionaire

Василием Степановым заинтересовалась дочь миллионера
The actor was offered a new job.

A few days ago, Vasily Stepanov fell from the window of his
apartment located on the fifth floor. He received multiple fractures and
these injuries, for medical assistance to ambulance workers only
after a couple of days. Doctors noticed a strange behavior of the actor and
called special team.

Vasily says that he was not pushed from the window, but
this clarifies that the fall was not accidental. This development is not surprising
his family and relatives. The actor had suffered from depression due
the lack of jobs in the film industry.

On hearing this, the artists simultaneously began to Express to him
support favorite way — in social networks.

20-year-old daughter of the oligarch Igor Kudryashkin singer Nastya Curls
also not left without attention the tragedy Stepanova: she suggested the Basil
work. In a few months will start shooting a new video Curls for the song
“Painted”. The main role of a romantic hero singer offered
Vasily Stepanov. The actor will offer a fee in the amount of 100 thousand rubles for one
shift. The girl claims that this is not a PR. She really needs actor
character types similar to Stepanov. Thus, it will help yourself and him.

Recall that Stepanov became famous after
performed the title role in the fantasy novels of Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited
island.” Actor with model looks, who played Maxim Kammerer, conquered
the hearts of the audience and since 2008 is included in the list of the most beautiful men of the country. Due
shooting Bondarchuk actor took a sabbatical at the Shchukin theatre
College, and graduated in a different workshop.