Василиса Володина показала страсть с супругом в бассейне The astrologer has shared a romantic video, taken during her family vacation in Greece. The video, which provoked lively discussions in social networks, Vasilisa Volodina and her husband Sergey was captured during the night date.

After the television season, 43-year-old star of the program “let’s get married” Vasilisa Volodina decided to leave Moscow together with loved ones – husband Sergey and charming children, Victoria and Vyacheslav. A leading astrologer all having a great time in Greece, enjoying the good weather and trying local delicacies. In the microblog Volodya regularly appear bright shots taken on vacation.

Vasilisa recently surprised fans with a romantic video that was made late in the evening in the Lasithi region, considered one of the most popular places among tourists coming to Greece. Astrologer posted in Instagram a short clip depicting her marital idyll. In the video, Vasilisa and her husband, Sergei swim in the pool. The couple look very happy.

Publication Volodya caused a storm of emotions among users of social networks. In comments to the video Vasilisa they wished her a wonderful holiday. According to followers of the astrologer, she and her husband look great together. “Well done”, “Nice swim”, “Magic”, “Dove”, “How sweet”, “Passionate and romantic”, “Dolphin and mermaid”, “Frankly”, “Touching, keep it up”, “Very unexpected”, “Sweet couple”, “Synchronized swimming” was discussed by the subscribers of TV stars.

After some time, Victoria revealed followers some details of her journey with the family. The woman wrote that they are with loved ones decided to stay in a Villa located in Agios Nikolaos. Visit Volodya in one of the social networks appeared colorful pictures of a luxury home.

“We are very pleased that we chose this place for your vacation. In addition to the garden and all the necessary vacation amenities, the most important thing – the owner is a good man (so like to say, “a man of the world”, but sounds too familiarly). A number of concerns which we are surrounded, can not but cause a response of gratitude. Wish the same comfort,” – said the astrologer.