Василиса Володина заговорила о спорах с супругом The famous astrologer has discovered the secret to a perfect relationship. Celebrity told that we should make every single woman to find happiness after 30 years. To Volodya it is important that the pair was understanding. In confirmation of his own words, the expert spoke about the challenges she faced in dealing with her husband.

      Vasilisa Volodina happy marriage with her husband Sergei for more than 15 years. The woman believes that their spouse a perfect match. In the late 90-ies at the request of the man she was astrological forecast for the future companion. But at that moment she was not personally familiar with Sergey. Their meeting took place after some time and became fateful for both. In 2001 they had a daughter Victoria, and in 2015 – a son Vyacheslav. It would seem that in the family Vasilisa the harmony, but the astrologer hastened to debunk the myths.

      According to the celebrity in each pair must be trust and understanding. If the partners are able to hear each other, they will easily be able to cope with any difficulties. The astrologer notes that different sorts of differences could be decisive when it comes to divorce or separation. According to Volodya, a lot depends on what goals the lovers pursue and what you expect from life together. Even in the relations of Volodin, as recognized by leading “let’s get married”, there are often contentious issues.

      “We, my husband does not agree in political views and sometimes rigidly with each other shlestyvayutsya. Serezha their arguments, and powerful, I have mine. But it is definitely not the determining factor in our relationship. So the question here is what can’t hear you. If all is sad,” said Vasilisa.

      Vasilisa Volodina strongly recommends starting to work on the relationship from the beginning. According to the astrologer, about the problems the couple should always speak, otherwise it could ruin everything. Celebrity says that the lack of internal changes leads to a loved one can be simply nadomesti important idea. In the end, it leads to misunderstanding and lack of common ground.

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      “Sometimes fate plays a cruel joke: when you partner many years was brought up, and then I realized that everything can not. And he’s just so rude. So with children often occurs. You to 10 years it is not forced to brush their teeth, and 10 could not. And raised you a man who’s just not used to doing. If the relationship isn’t working right, then get very difficult. When your joint are in mutual growth and change, in 20 years there will not be a stranger. I guarantee,” said Volodin.

      Everything else, Volodin gave practical advice on how to build a strong relationship. Vasilisa warned women from the well-known error – to postpone the conversation about the wedding with your partner to better times. According to the astrologer, this in most cases leads to the fact that man, in the end, is not ready to a new stage. It is therefore essential to identify the situation as soon as possible. “If you love man, you gotta be honest about their expectations. You may have to seriously adjust if his hesitation stems from the fact that you want a big wedding, he did not pull it. Show that you are interested in it as a partner, if so, under what conditions,” the astrologer said in an interview with Woman’s Day.