Vlad Kadoni months secret of new business

Влад Кадони месяцами скрывал новый бизнес The man surprised the followers unexpected news. Leading “House-2” told me that he opened his own hair salon, which prefers to put himself in order. He invited everyone to try the services of its interior, assuring that gathered in one place of professionals.

      Vlad Kadoni for several months, is the leading TV project “Dom-2”, however, strong employment on the famous construction site does not interfere with the man’s success to develop their business. In a recent publication in Instagram celebrity informed followers that not so long ago, he opened a beauty salon, which has already tested all possible types of services. The magician assured that with great trepidation approached the choice of professionals, because their work depends on the prosperity of the business.

      Vlad Kadono spent on the business more 8 million rubles

      The followers were surprised by this news. They were quick to congratulate the presenter and wish you success in the developed business. Some commentators did not hide their joy and expressed the hope that in the near future they will be able to get to the hairdresser star. The part of Internet users asked Kadono, when a participant of “Battle of psychics” found to have such difficult classes. They believe that with fame on “the House-2” Vlad will be full of visitors.

      “Opened a beauty salon and only in this I sort myself out! And the best of everything I collected there! Wizard, the best cosmetics – everything about health and beauty!” – said Vlad in a microblog.

      Kadono started a second page in the social network, which already posted a few dozen photos with examples of works of the masters. Obviously, the man is very proud of the first results. In addition, customers who already visited the salon of the celebrities are leaving comments with words of gratitude to the address of the owner and specialists. “How I loved you! Continue in the same spirit,” “Thank you very much, will definitely come to you again”, “Such wonderful hair I have done, Bravo to the master!” – wrote vostorzhennye visitors the Barber shop in Instagram.

      It is worth noting that Vlad Kadoni opened a salon about five months ago, but admitted about this to subscribers only now. Some followers don’t understand why the TV presenter kept it from them. Apparently, the star wanted to bring the Studio to perfection and only then to announce the happy news to fans.

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      Barber is not the first experience of the magician as a businessman. Last fall he opened an exclusive boutique perfumes, which brings together the unusual flavors. Celebrity assured that his spirits have special properties: they are able to peatnut luck or help to establish privacy. For his own collection Kadono selected 30 different flavors. Salon with unusual spirits is located in the heart of the capital.